Who should not stay close new-born babies?

Do not hurt your children simply because not dare to remind following “special” guests while visiting children. Below is a list of some kinds of people that the parents should not let them stay close to newborn babies who have very weak resistance and easy to get illness:

baby smilling

1. People got sprouting

Recently, a British girl was almost dying from viral infection after a mother’s kiss. Ms. Brooke, a young mother often has a habit of kissing hers adorable newborn daughter. As a result, the baby was hospitalized for five days with terrible sores around the edges and in the mouth due to herpes virus infection.

Herpes is an infection which can spread from person to person via skin to skin, particularly through kissing. Infants are subjects that get the highest at risk of infection. Parents should be wary of people who have a wide array of tiny blisters on the surface in size similar to a grain of rice, on the corners of the mouth, eyes, and limbs, accompanied by fever or a phenomenon of swelling local lymph node. It is likely that these people are infected with herpes simplex virus. People with this disease should not absolutely contact with children, especially not allowed to kiss the baby.

2. People newly exposed to those objects which have a lot of bacteria

Cash, computer keyboard, telephone keypad, stairs, toilets, etc. are those leading positions containing a lot of bacteria, germs. However, many people often “forget” to carefully clean hands after contacting with them. It is noted that both parents and guests who visit the baby must wash their hands thoroughly before kissing and caressing the children.

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3. Smokers

Passive cigarette smoking (smoking from people directly smoking) is much more harmful than active cigarette smoking. Infants with extremely weak body and immaturity are increasingly unable to withstand the severe harm from tobacco. Therefore, parents should remind those who visit the newborn put off cigarettes and wear clean clothes so that the smell of smoke does not affect the baby. Also, it should be noted not for those smokers embrace and caress the baby. Now, you are parents, so you should give up your smoking habit too. It is obvious that smoking is not good for your health, and does it too for your babies.

4. People with infectious diseases

Persons being cold, runny nose, coughing, or those people with liver disease, etc. are subjects who should stay away from the babies. The disease easily threads through oral, respiratory, and close contact in daily activities. Moreover, the immune system of the newborn is too weak and incomplete to fight back the risk of infection from these people. Besides, you should apply some methods to increase your baby’s resistance, such as let your baby have a sunbath from three to four times a week. You should avoid taking him out to late in the morning. Absorbing sunlight can help your baby get vitamin D which is very good for his development.

4. People who abuse of cosmetics and perfumes

Strong perfume or some ingredients in powder and lipstick makes children easily get irritation or allergic. Therefore, this is a note for those preparing to visit the new-born baby. Please avoid putting heavy makeup or using strong perfume. No mother wants their children to be kissed by the lips full of lipstick or “choking” in the arms filled with artificial scent of chemicals.

In brief, parents should be brave in protecting their new-born babies since the baby’s resistance and immune system are not perfect enough. Please remind your guests who are in mentioned above conditions. Do not let your ego or meaningless respect harm your weak babies. At the same time, if you are in those conditions, please do not stay close your babies too. Babies are deserved to something special, not something harmful to their health.

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