Herbal Bathing – An Effective Way for Infant Skin Diseases

A healthy baby is the most considerable matter for all mothers. Nowadays, alongside the development of the civilization, more and more chemicals are used in daily life, which sometimes is not suitable for the sensitive skin of their babies. Herbal Bathing for infants and children now becomes a new trend that many mothers believe to use to prevent their kids from many skin diseases such as diaper rash, pimples, heat rash, so forth and so on.

Herbal Bathing

1. The danger of using chemicals contained in shower gel for children

For many recent years, the preservatives named “Paraben” and “Methylisothiazolinone” are commonly used in cosmetics and many products for children such as shower gel, shampoo, powder, etc. Many studies all over the world show that these substances can take risks for the health insurance, then impact on the endocrine system and cause the skin irritation as well as allergies in both children and adults.

baby rash

The Paraben has the same active impact like the hormones in a woman’s body named “estrogen”, which can disturb the balance of hormone while they may cause the skin epidermis inflammation. The Methylisothiazolinone preservative (MI) is specified on the packaging of a wide range of gel shower products for children which can cause allergic reactions to them.

The scent in the gel shower is just the flavor chemicals to hide the smells of harmful chemicals. Synthetic flavoring can cause skin irritation, rash and make skin become dry, rough and aging fast. Also, if you use the products containing flavorings for your babies continuously during a long time, they may affect the central nervous system or cause the endocrine disorders.

2. Herbal bathing prevents diaper rash, heat rash, pimples and clean the body

In nature, there are many plants that contain antibiotics, called plant antimicrobial. The outstanding point of the antibiotic plant is safe, because it does not cause any deadly serious complication, such as new medicine antibiotics. In particular, many herbs like bitter melon, betel leaf, Andrographis paniculata, honeysuckle … which have been used as the antidotal medicine, anti – inflammation, disinfection and treatment of skin infections in children: diaper rash, pimples, heat rash, impetigo … and many other bacterial infections have good results.

In a comparison with the conventional gel, herbal shower gel has many more advantages. Herbal bath extracts from natural herbs such as: bitter melon, green tea, betel, etc. They save the babies from diaper rash, pimples, heat rash … and help to cleanse more gently other than the cosmetic bath. Besides, in comparison with the method of collecting the folk herbs, herbal body wash is promoting the safety and effectiveness more and more.

Usually, the mothers wash and use many herbs like green tea, bitter melon … as the baby shower. This method is very fast and simple, but sometimes, herbs can include the insects or plant protection products, which may cause allergy to baby like rash.

bath for baby

Besides, produced by the modern cold extraction technology, according to the formula of combining many natural herbs with reasonable rate, herbal bath milk has eliminated many irritating factors to the skin and kept the plant antibiotic, which should be safe for infants and young children.


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