10 common mistakes in baby care

According to nutrition experts, breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition, breastfed infants are less disease and more intelligent. Mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed for six months old of baby.

And reality shows, comes from ignorance, lack of experience, as well as from the folk notions, young mothers today have been suffering from serious mistakes in the care of infants born. To take care for baby in a really good and standard way, to let babies quickly integrate with new situations and grow up healthy, young mothers should avoid the mistakes suffered follows:


1. Children drink milk bottle instead of breast milk too early

Many mothers will want to maintain great figure, so they decide to let the baby drink milk in addition, foreign milk instead of breast milk. This is absolutely not good for the health of young children. By following these nutrition experts, breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition, breastfed infants are less disease and more intelligent. Mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed for six months old baby.

2. Offer solid food too soon

Infants are very weak on digestive system, so if feeding powder too soon, children will be born meager, living stool, prolonged inflammation leading to the large intestine, urinating blood, born dyspepsia.

So feeding solid food after 6 months old; however should not eat too many times a day, just feed them for about 1 or 2 times a day.

3. Do not take bath for children because of fearing of cold

This is totally wrong thinking. At this stage the child antibodies in the body is very weak, so they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection, especially during illness.

Note: Babies need to be warm enough immediately after cleaning, shampooing to prevent cold and flu. Read here

4. Do not take the child to a doctor immediately if the child has signs of illness

Mothers are often self-medication for children every time you find the children get hot or fever. This fact can cause them more severe disease.

Do not let children get sick too serious or sustained high fever to bring them to the doctor.

5. Powdering too much for the baby in the summer

In the hot season, if you apply too much powder to baby, sweat mixed with powder will block the pores, leading to allergies.

6. Wrap the towel and incubate baby too tight

For fear of the little can catch startled and cold, many mothers often use cloth towels and wrap tightly around baby hands and feet and let it all day. This will be very dangerous for children, because the cloth wrapped tightly will cause little difficulty in breathing, limb cannot move freely, this will adversely affect the development of the nervous system.

You really should learn how proper care of children.

7. Regular haircuts of baby

With conception, regular haircuts will stimulate baby hair grow faster. This is not so, because the scalp is very thin, if a little careless, the barber will lead to the risk of scratching the skin, leading to skin infections.

8. Get towed tongue with honey to children

According to folklore, the tongue should be used honey on for antifungal; however this will not be good for the baby who is allergic to pollen, resulting in swelling of the tongue, the back side after using. So it is the best and safest way is to use the tongue products which are sold in pharmacies.

9. Let your baby lay in coal bed with the mother

Mothers today follow to old notions of grandparents, after birth lying on coal bed will keep warm to the body, to help children and women more rugged. However, science has proven, lying on the coal bed is less advantage but much harm because the coal burned will emit an amount of CO2 that women are usually arranged in an airtight room, so CO2 will fly around the room. The mother can endure, may not be affected of CO2 but the infant when inhalation is prone asphyxia, CO2 poisoning, cellulitis, heavier will affect the nervous system and brain of the child. And in fact there have been many cases of children with severe burns, and even death due to coal catches fire and the minutes of maternal neglect.

This is extremely dangerous for the baby, the child will be poisoned by CO2 from coal, cellulitis, or even be burned if mothers had negligently minute.

10. Babies are kissed by too many people

Well many people are interested, cuddly baby is a happy thing, but the mother should seek to restrict delicate kiss on the hand of the young by too many people because her body is very weak, very poor antibody, so that more people will increase the risk of infectious diseases via the respiratory tract in children.

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