10 common mistakes in baby care

According to nutrition experts, breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition, breastfed infants are less disease and more intelligent. Mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed for six months old of baby.

And reality shows, comes from ignorance, lack of experience, as well as from the folk notions, young mothers today have been suffering from serious mistakes in the care of infants born. To take care for baby in a really good and standard way, to let babies quickly integrate with new situations and grow up healthy, young mothers should avoid the mistakes suffered follows:

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The Stroller Reviews For Choosing The Best

Stroller is one of the most common accessories for baby care these days. You also can find a lot of strollers on the market which vary from design, color, style, to price. However, choosing the best stroller is a really hard problem that all parents are dealing with. Hope that the following stroller reviews can give you some suggestions for choosing the most suitable stroller.

Let’s discover those wonderful strollers!

1. UPPAbaby Vista – the best choice for those parents who often go out

With UPPAbaby Vista, you are never afraid of throwing the stroller away when your baby is older. In fact, you can keep using this kind of stroller for a very long time since it can be adjusted to suit your baby’s development. Moreover, it also equips other functions that serve for demand of going out a lot. There is a very large basket to store water, diaper, etc. Strong sunshine cannot attack your baby too because the stroller provides a sunshade of SPF 50+ as well.


There are some other similar choices, such as Peg Perego Pliko Switch Four Completo, Baby Jogger City Select, etc.

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Who should not stay close new-born babies?

Do not hurt your children simply because not dare to remind following “special” guests while visiting children. Below is a list of some kinds of people that the parents should not let them stay close to newborn babies who have very weak resistance and easy to get illness:

baby smilling

1. People got sprouting

Recently, a British girl was almost dying from viral infection after a mother’s kiss. Ms. Brooke, a young mother often has a habit of kissing hers adorable newborn daughter. As a result, the baby was hospitalized for five days with terrible sores around the edges and in the mouth due to herpes virus infection.

Herpes is an infection which can spread from person to person via skin to skin, particularly through kissing. Infants are subjects that get the highest at risk of infection. Parents should be wary of people who have a wide array of tiny blisters on the surface in size similar to a grain of rice, on the corners of the mouth, eyes, and limbs, accompanied by fever or a phenomenon of swelling local lymph node. It is likely that these people are infected with herpes simplex virus. People with this disease should not absolutely contact with children, especially not allowed to kiss the baby.

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Herbal Bathing – An Effective Way for Infant Skin Diseases

A healthy baby is the most considerable matter for all mothers. Nowadays, alongside the development of the civilization, more and more chemicals are used in daily life, which sometimes is not suitable for the sensitive skin of their babies. Herbal Bathing for infants and children now becomes a new trend that many mothers believe to use to prevent their kids from many skin diseases such as diaper rash, pimples, heat rash, so forth and so on.

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How do you feel … if a parent gets sick?

Children’s lives can change dramatically when a parent becomes ill. Children may feel confused, shocked, afraid or guilty after finding out about the illness. Family members can reduce negative feelings by considering each other’s feelings.

Mom sick

“Thinking my mom might die of cancer was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” Alen writes. “It seemed like, up until then, I’d had a perfect, normal childhood living in the country with my big brothers, Jeb and Sean, and Mom and Dad.

“One day, normal changed at our house. My mom went to the doctor. When she got home she looked pale and serious. Mom and Dad told us kids that Mom had to go to a specialist for some tests but not to worry. I felt puzzled; what was going on here? No one seemed to know I was there. Usually our family blurts out everything. This time Mom and Dad were too quiet.

“The next few days were not like our house at all. Dad looked like he had been crying, and they said Mom had to go to the hospital.” — Ben brack, co-author of Moms Don’t Get Sick

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Nutritional complementary foods – some problems to consider

Nutritional complementary foods are the factors that affect directly to the physical and brain development of infants. Therefore, the mothers should concern to these matters to take care of their babies in the best condition. This article will give you some worthy information that can help you.

1. The importance of Omega 3:

Omega is the raw material that constitutes nerve cells. Therefore, the lack of this element will cause a huge influence on the development of brain and cognitive abilities of children. These groups of essential fats that the body cannot synthesize should be supplemented through food sources.

omega 3 food

Omega 3 is a precursor of DHA, EPA, found in cold water fish like salmon, herring, etc. Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 exit much in the premium vegetable oils like olive, canola, rice, sesame, soy, so forth and so on. Cooking oil specially formulated for children as well as the fat supplying source are good for children. Parents should preferentially select the suitable oil products for children crafted from the foods that are mentioned above. Continue reading “Nutritional complementary foods – some problems to consider”

Soothing Your Preemie

An early delivery can be a stressful introduction to your baby. To help new parents navigate the neonatal intensive-care unit and nurture their little one’s development, Pediatrician William Sears, M.D., his wife, Martha, R.N., and sons Robert and James (both pediatricians as well) have written The Premature Baby Book. Here’s their advice for comforting your preemie at the hospital and at home.

Hop to it. Skin-to-skin contact, also known as “kangaroo care,” is a great way for parents to bond with their baby. Hold your child to your chest so that her bare skin is against yours (making sure that the room is warm enough or that you’re holding her with a blanket). Research suggests that this type of interaction may improve a preemie’s development. If her medical condition prevents you from holding her in the hospital, you can put your hands around her in the isolette to let her know you’re close by.


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